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Brotherhood Mission

Brotherhood Mission

Rev. M. Anton Cruz, launched Brotherhood Missions with a Humanitarian and global vision, closely backed by Christian policies and principles. This Mission concentrates mainly on the Destitute and hopeless street Children .
Childhood is a time to play, to dream to explore this world and learn new things constantly. But there are many children in India, who hardly get to know this perspective of life. They are pushed beyond human extremes for basic necessities like food and shelter. When this is the case, survival becomes a daily affair. Brotherhood Missions strives to uplift these children and show them the lives that they have been missing out.
We lift these children from the streets, educate them give them shelter and good food, in our various homes. We also teach them the Bible and methods of Christian worship. We have currently four such homes spread across the state, each home concentrating on particular criteria of children.
"The stone that has been rejected by the Builders, has become the Corner Stone" "Given a chance, any child will shine, and all Children are God¡¦s Children, lets look upon them as one and alike"
In 1992, Rev. Anton and his wife Jessy took the children of the lepers, prostitutes and gypsies and rented a house in prime beach property in Madras, India. They rented here in obedience to what the Lord had spoken but it felt to them like Jericho, a place of intense spiritual warfare.
Since it felt like Jericho, they started a Jericho march. The children would go out each morning at 6am, going from house to house praying for the families. The first year, they were binding the area in the name of Jesus. The second year, cleansing the area by the blood of Jesus. The third year, claiming the area for Jesus. Now, every day the children go out, two by two, even three to five years old, joining in the Jericho march to pray.
"Jesus, we claim this area for You. Jesus, I claim this family for You. Jesus, I claim the children in this home for You. Bless them." This is being done for almost 10 years in front of every home in the neighborhood.
The high caste people were offended that these untouchable children were in their neighborhood. The owner of the home that Brotherhood Missions was renting came and said that they had to leave. Rev. Anton asked for some time to find another place, but they said, "no, you have to leave this minute." They took the children and all the furniture and threw them all out on the street in front of the house, then locked the door to the house. Rev. Anton told me, "when something like this happens, it is from God. It is to bring humility." They waited upon the Lord for four days with all the furniture and belongings thrown out on the street.
They prayed Psalm 37: Trust in the Lord and do good; [so] shalt thou dwell in the land, And verily thou shalt be fed. Delight thyself also in the Lord; And He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord, Trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass. And He shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, And thy judgement as the noonday. Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him, Fret not thyself because of him, who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.
T hen on the fourth day a rich man came. He told them that he had been building a house for his family for eleven years. The house was now complete and they were ready to move in. "I heard your story, and I thought that I was building this house for me and my children, but I was building it for you and your children." He then gave them the key, and they moved into new home! Until they get their own the owner has allowed the use of this house.


I was trained as a Catholic priest and served in the priesthood for nine years. I was an evangelist- preacher, which might be unusual for a Catholic priest in the USA, but can be common for a priest in India. The year of 1987, I experienced a life-changing event that impacted me to this very day. One day while in Tuticorin, India, I was approached by two small children who tugged at my clothes, pleading for me to follow them. My initial reaction was to offer money to the children for food or whatever they needed, but they refused to take it, insisting I follow them. The children led me to a small bundle and told me that it was a baby they found in the street. "Somebody has left a baby. This baby needs milk. Take this baby to your church and give him milk," the boys said. The boys were insistent and handed the baby to me and left. I wasn't used to this. I was used to crowds, but not to individual ministry, especially to young children. As I was on my way to the church, the baby died in my arms. That night I couldn't sleep, but wept before the Lord and sought direction. I cried out, "Why did you bring that baby to me just to have it die in my arms?" The Lord answered me saying, "You are a good preacher. You can preach to thousands of people, but can you love a baby?" From that moment on, this small child forever changed the direction of my life and ministry. This is the event the Lord used to begin the mission, which eventually became "Brotherhood Missions". Now Brotherhood Mission is supporting nearly 8000 children of lepers, gypsies, handicapped, child labour, thrown away babies and tsunami affected children. They are called the Royal Kids-Intercessor-Praying children. I thank the Lord for the vision He has given to me. -Rev. Anton Cruz

  • Pastor Anton Cruz

Social Services

Social Services

Our Activities

The mission aims to take 10,000 children into its fold . At present it caters to the needs of 8663 children who are called ROYALKIDS.

1. Home for Royalkids:

Royalkids children home started on 1992 with 7 children, who were from leprosy family background. At present 85 children are in the children, Most of them are children of lepers, orphan, semi orphan, gypsies, beggars, prostitutes and tsunami affected people. The children get quality food, clothing and shelter in these homes. Most important, they are provided with 100% education. They are trained for prayers, praise & worship and are encouraged to pursue extra-curricular activities like music, dance and craft according to their interest and talents. An overall development of the children is ensured in every way. DEEPA after her graduation has become the Dean of Gateway International School. JEEVA after her Post Graduation has become the International Coordinator for CHOP. KARTHIGA after the graduation has become our accountant. DIVYA after the graduation has become Fulltime Prayer Coordiantor. PUSHPA after her Post Graducation (MSW) has become Social Worker in our organization. BAPISTA after her Post Graduation has been absorbed as one of the teaching faculties of Gateway American School. ABIRAMI after the graduation has as a worship leader. ESTHER and, KINGSLEY got married this year and getting ready with babies. KAVIA is expecting the second baby. VASUHI and SAHAYA MARY after their graduation are preparing themselves for fulltime ministry. This is the fruit of one unit (one orphanage).We have more than 120 units....hunderds of our students have out of the universities and taking up different positions...

2. Orissa Children Home:

Brotherhood Missions is running a children home at Orissa and located in Northern part of India. It was started on 2008 with 30 children for those Christian families were persecuted very cruelly by Hindu religious leaders and communities. The children education was affected so the people were moved to mountains. They were suffered for food and without any basic amenities in the mountain. So we heard this news and rush visit that places then our founder was decided to help the children with nutritious food, clothing, and shelter and provided with 100% education in the children home. At present 47 children are in the children home in Orissa. Now the children are good in prayers, worship, reading bible and good progress in education and we built a new building for the children home.

3. Family Support (Community Transforamtion):

Our organization found out the needy children those children is sheltered by the guardian or semi orphan from slum area. Our organization decided to support for these kinds of children and support with financially and provides nutritious food and education to change their life. Every month we will provide provisions to cook food and giving education through this community transformation program. Nearly 60 students with 60 families are getting benefit through this program.


Day care centres in Slum areas, Kallukuttai & K.P.K Nagar. In this slum area, most of the families are broken families, and most children are orphan & semi oprphan. Moreover, these places are known for vandalism, prostitution and drugs. Uneducated, low caste people with no regular jobs, abound in the slum areas. The women are going for work for their daily wage during day time and hence unable to take care of their young children. To address this problem, Brotherhood mission has established Day care centres in the slum areas of Kallukotai and KPK Nagar in Chennai, India. The children who come to these centres are provided with nutritious food and free education. At present, there are 110 children in these two centers.

Brotherhood Mission believes that these broken children are God's own children .So the love of God is imparted to these children by our teachers trained them with sing, prayer and worships the Lord.


Brotherhood Mission is supporting the physically challenged people at Thangachimadam and it's an Island. After tsunami, there is no way to support for these families because of financial problem many people committed for suicide. So Brotherhood Missions is helping for 16 people at their rehabilitation center at Thangachimadam. They trained to make the hand works with sea shells and making pickles with fish & prawn and they are doing their own marketing at different places. It is very useful to get income to run their families. The love of God and faith in Him brings them out of their depression. They look forward to a wholesome life in future.

Brotherhood Mission believes that these broken children are God's own children .So the love of God is imparted to these children by our teachers trained them with sing, prayer and worships the Lord.


Career support is given for the tuition centre teachers to do their higher studies. The tuition teachers take free tuition for their own village children and by that they receive support for their higher studies from the Brotherhood Missions. Nearly 75 students getting good education like MBA, IT studies, and medicine through the career support.


Child labour is an evil so predominant in India, where children in the age group of 5 to 16 are forced to work in small factories, tea stalls, harbours, mills and railway stations. Most of them get only their daily food as their wage. Generally they are abused by the employers and are denied their fundamental rights. Brotherhood Mission, in a joint effort with the Government of Tamilnadu works for the eradication and rehabilitation of child labourers. A school for child labourers has been functioning since 1999. This school, called Transit school, takes in street children as well. Three such schools function in Taramani, Kallukuttai & Baby Nagar in Chennai. More than 1000 children got benefited from this project. Now many girls & boys were got good position in their life that was got education through child labour school.


Brotherhood Missions is running an English Medium Primary School in the Slum area namely in K.P.K. Nagar without any fee. By this the Slum Children are also able to get the food Education like other children in the society.


Evening free education program for village children is conducted by our tuition centers. These children hail from economically poor background and strife torn families. Brotherhood mission's teachers provide free coaching from 5 to 7 pm every evening in 137 centers with 154 teachers throughout Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. A total of 6600 children are benefited through this scheme in these two countries.

Our Ministry has been actively visiting the villages and bringing an awareness to child education with free evening school, providing school fees to those in need and equipping them with study materials, uniform, notebooks, school bags and etc.

The people in these villages have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are predominantly Hindu and worship idols. We are not able to share the Gospel directly and instead initiate social activities with evening school and slowly present the Gospel to them. Once a month and during holidays and summer vacation, we bring the children to our prayer centre and fellowship with the other children and are taught to worship and pray. The children now have the privilege of learning music and worshipping the Lord.


Our organization is very burden to work for Temples prostitute people to change their life. We have adopted 10 villages of Temple Prostitutes. In the past girls were dedicated for temple prostitution. But now they are used for sex trade. They are called "Marthomas". Sending the children to school will help the girls from stopping to enter into prostitution in the future. Creating job is to help them to earn their livelihood. Nearly 400 children and 200 families will be liberated by our Life change program. Now we are giving awareness for children education, health care and spiritual principals & values.

Initially, we provide free evening school and provide nutritious food for 150 children after evening school. Parents are very happy to received nutritious food for their children at least one time per day. In future, our organization is planning to start children home for these kinds of children.


Educational Services

Educational Services

Brotherhood Education Trust (BET) was formed in 1992 in Chennai, India with the aim of starting schools and colleges ,mainly catering to the needs of the underprivileged children.

• To provide equal status for the "Untouchable caste" Children with the rich high caste children. The Royal kids are able to sit and study with the high caste children.
• To be self-supportive in the future by generating funds for the children work.
• The Royal Kids to have the chance to enter into medical or engineering college after the completion of 12th grade in Brotherhood Matriculation School.

Name of the Project
No. of the Project
No. of the Students
Brotherhood Junior college
School for children labourers & street children
School for slum children
School for Tsunami affected children
Amazing Kids International School
Montessori Teacher Training College
Evening schools


Brotherhood Mission is helping 7631 children to get free education out of which 600 children are receiving food and also shelter apart from free education. Due to lack of education, India is facing many social evils. One of the problems in India is the caste system. Education is the best way to break down this system. For example, we are running an orphanage. Most of the children are the children of lepers and beggars. In normal conditions, they cannot claim to have equal sitting with the high class children, because they come from the untouchable caste society. But today being our own school, these children are placed in equal status.

Also after the schooling, they can enter into engineering, medical and teaching professions. They have a better future. The children of lepers, beggars, prostitutes can never think of this in the normal situation. Everything is free for them now.

The medium of teaching is English. Each school follows different syllabus. Amazing Kids is following the International syllabus.

Rabecca is a thrown away baby, picked up from the garbage. Now she is 4 years old, studying in Amazing Kids International School. She has all the blessings like the children from the affluent community.

If we make a one time investment in schools, then it will give regular income to the mission. Within five years, it will support another mission school in the village. For example, BM Junior College is helping 180 children to get free education and also supporting the slum school in KPK Nagar. We get the money from the rich and give to poor. The new school needs support in the beginning to buy land and construct class rooms and support the salaries for teachers for a few years, then it will start supporting other works.

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Prayer Request

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When a Child is adopted, its not that the Child alone benefits, the Focus is on the family as a whole. The Child¡¦s brothers, sisters and parents too get benefited in this scheme. Our aim is not at rehabilitation or accommodation, but in enhancing lives both spiritually and socially. Now we have taken care of eight thousand six hundred and sixty three (8663) children in India. Most of the parent are lepers, gypsies, beggars, prostitutes and slummier. The vision of Royalkids ministry is to raise these children as intercessors. They are trained to pray for the Nations. They are called the Royal Kids-Intercessor-Praying children.


Contact Us

Contact Us
Brotherhood Missions
4/364-E, 1st Cross Street, Anna Salai, Palavakkam, Chennai- 41,
Phone: +91-44-24512829
Email: info@royalkids.org
Father's Heart Association of Taiwan
M 14F # 110, Yucheng Road, San-min Dist.,
Kaohsiung 807,Taiwan.
Contact Person: Dr. William chen,
Tel No: +886 912133158
Email: william.taiwan@royalkids.org
Father's Heart Foundation Int'l (FHFI)
1072 S. De Anza Blvd., Suite A107-496, San Jose, CA 95129, U.S.A.
Contact Person : Mr. Robert Yu
Phone: +1 408 725 1600
Email: robert.usa@royalkids.org
Hong Kong
Bank Name : HSBC (Hong Kong)
Account Name : Royalkids Company Limited,
Account No: : 848-322095-838
HK Transfer number : (004) 848-322095-838
Bank Address : 1 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong
Mailing Address:
Royalkids Prayer Ministry,
5 Kadoorie Ave, Homantin, Hong Kong, China SAR.
Contact No: +852 94629769
Werner Woiwode
Postfach CH-8260 Stein am Rhein
Tel: +41 52 741 52 33
Fax: +41 52 741 16 13
E-Mail: werner.swiss@royalkids.org
Internet: www.verein-abraham.ch
Father Heart Network
19,LRG 19/21A,
46300 Petaling Jaya Selangor
Malaysia. Tel : +60-123152256

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ICIC 2014 Registration Form
ICIC 2014

International children intercessors Conference -2014

Dear Fathers and Mothers,

Ever since International children intercessors conference started in 2005 in Chennai India, we have been children from all over the world to cry for the revival of nations. Amazingly every year 1000 over children gather together to pray, especially the orphans and the fatherless generation. We are able to experience father’s love in every conference; the hearts of children turn to fathers.  Pastors and leaders receive the father’s heart, when the orphans began to pray over them every year at our conference.

As Malachi 4:6, “he will turn the hearts of the fathers to children”, now is the time to mobilize fathers and mothers to carry this generation on their shoulder. ICIC 2014 will be held from July 24th-27th. We will focus on spiritual parents and intercessors who are part of the children house of prayer or those who want to start a CHOP in their places. There will be teaching and training tracks that will enable and empower spiritual parents to mobilize, train and raise children praying army in their regions.  We will restrict the participation of international delegates to those who are either a part of CHOP or want to start a CHOP.

2015 will be a year of Celebration at ICIC inviting people from around the world as it would be the 25th Year of Royal Kids Ministry International. The dates and the registration will be sent out as an invitation by August. We are sorry if you don’t fall into this year’s specification, but we would love to have you with us in 2015.

If you want to be trained and equipped to raise children worshippers and intercessors, write back to us to icic@royalkids.org

We hope to see you there!


Ps. Anton Cruz


Royal kids Ministry & Children house of Prayer

Date: 24th-27th July, 2014

Theme: Arm-bearers of Children House of Prayer

Venue:  TOD Ashram, Jebakadal Streer, Kazhipattur, Chennai – 603103

Registration Fee: Adult - $150, Children - $75

Airport (closest):  Chennai Meenambakkam Airport (MAA)

Contact Person: Ms. Selvi - +91 9962661230

Email: icic@royalkids.org


  • Transport from airport to the event location will be arranged upon registration.
  • Registration fee can paid during the conference at the venue.

ICIC 2009 Messages

In 1 Thessalonians 2:7-12, Paul says, For you know that we dealt with each of you as a father deals with his own children, encouraging, comforting & urging you to live lives worthy of God, who calls you into His kingdom & glory."

When we look at this theme "CHILDREN TURN TO THE FATHER" we are inevitably brought to the flawless relationship that has existed, will exist and will continue to exist in the Triune Godhead- The Father and his beloved Son. Over the next few weeks, His words will expose how this perfect love has flowed into the earthly relationship of a father and his children, for we must remember that "We love, because He first loved us," (John 4:19 ).

But first what does it mean to be a father? And what is the role of his children? Why must they turn to him? Our reading for this week is actually a list of Paul's dutiful accomplishments as a spiritual father as this verse says. However, this will be very useful in transferring the same principles to our familial relationships.

1) ENCOURAGING Encouragement is perhaps one of the greatest weapons against the arrows of the evil one, and is especially expressed in the fellowship that we have with believers. From the example of Christ, we must input positive thoughts into our children, specifically through the Bible. This will teach children to be battle-hardened and prepared to meet more challenges without giving in. The effect of encouragement is hope- a hope that says that whatever happens, we are eternally connected to our creator. "I am sure that nothing can separate us from the love of God" (Romans 8:39 ). In Acts, we also see Barnabas being called the "son of encouragement," because he stood by Paul (his spiritual father) and the churches despite persecution. So, it is also the role of every son and daughter to encourage their parents.

2) COMFORTING If we did not have any problems in this world, there would be no need for comforting! Unfortunately, because of our innate independence of God, we are subject to this. Suffering, in all its forms, can suppress our faith. Without faith in our daily walk with God, we cannot have peace, especially in our relationships. So, it is very important for fathers to comfort their children. I am saying this because many times children view their mother as their only emotional support. This is often because, as men, they find it difficult to express love. But, fathers have an equal responsibility in comforting their children during suffering, for we know that our God is a "God of comfort" as it repeats many times in Psalms. This will lead to peace within the child's heart and also will be displayed outside.

3) URGING Urging is an interesting word. It comes from a Greek word which is similar to a "spur." A "spur" is a spike that horse riders wear on their shoes and tap on the horses to make them run faster. Urging is often used in the context of spiritual growth in the Bible and how we are to "spur" one another to mature. Many children have been taught the scripture but have hit a plateau or even backslidden without fathers urging them. Even worse, some have turned to sin without the burden in their hearts to mature. It was never the will of God for us to understand scripture and just remain as we are. We are taught to urge one another to increase in our understanding of scripture and also apply that in our daily lives. That is why Pauls says that we are "urging you to live lives worth of God." Children must live a holy life that is truly mirrors the life of their heavenly Father.



I asked God to wake me up at 3 o'clock to pray. God answered my prayer as I woke up exatly at 3 o'clock the next day. God said that He has poured watchman anointing on me and He has chosen this generation. In my vision, I saw Jesus hand, which was shedding blood drop by drop and I asked God 'Why are showing me this?' Jesus told me that 'This is the blood which I shed for your sins'. I was broken to pieces and I told God that I won't sin anylonger. I had another vision in which Jesus showed me about his second coming. In this vision I saw two men were working in the field, one person was taken and the other person was left (Mathew 24.40). This assures us that His coming is very soon.


When I was praying for my mother, I cried unto Jesus and said 'Jesus you are my father and I am your daughter, please hear my prayer'.Within few seconds I heard a voice ‘I am your father and you are my daughter’ and I saw Jesus stretch His arms wide open and He was calling me.


I told God that I was unworthy to stand before Him and I am not fit to praise you. But Jesus said 'don't be afraid'(Luke 2.3). And he told me 'don't be afraid in worshipping me. You can jump, walk, dance when you worship me.'


I had a vision in which God took me to heaven and there I saw God was sitting on the throne and multitudes of people were around him. People were praising Him and I also joined the praise and sang a song unto him. Then He looked at me and said 'I AM COMING SOON'


During my prayer time, I cried unto Jesus for my brother who was irresponsible in life. God told me 'I am going to raise him up and revival is going to come through these children.'


The angel spoke to me 'Time is Over Time is Over'. I sensed in my spirit that the time of mercy which God has given to the world is over.

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    The mission aims to take 10,000 children into its fold . At present it caters to the needs of 8663 children who are called ROYALKIDS.

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