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The Royal Kids’ story originated in South India over 50 years ago.

As Father Anton Cruz prepared to board a city bus, some street children frantically handed him an abandoned newborn in significant malnutrition and distress, saying, “You are a father! Feed this baby some milk!”. As Father Anton rushed to the hospital to seek medical assistance, the baby died in his arms. He had been unable to help this helpless baby and wrestled with the meaning of why God did not allow him to save this little one. 

A noble call

The impact of the encounter with the suffering newborn never left Father Anton. It led him to discover how to help the left-behind children of India. 

Father Anton had tremendous respect for Mother Teresa of Calcutta, knowing that she worked tirelessly with the poorest of the poor, so he traveled to work alongside her for a short time.  At the end of his time, despite his great respect, he knew his journey would be along a different path. The Sisters of Mercy ministered to the needs of the lowest society members, but the pressing question of their futures haunted Father Anton. When pondering this question, the children in Father Anton’s heart and mind had great potential.  After saving these children from the trash, could the treasure inside of them be discovered, nurtured, and championed?  What if the weakest, discarded children of Indian society could be rescued and transformed into tomorrow’s leaders?

Royal Kids is Born

The question continued to resound in Father Anton’s heart: There are thousands of preachers, teachers, and givers…but where are the fathers? Thus began the 30-year journey of Royal Kids—ministering to the discarded children of India and now other nations.  Royal Kids reaches far to rescue street children, exploited children, and forgotten poor and sick children.  Father Anton has tirelessly championed the mission of Royal Kids from shore to shore. His zeal for the destiny of every child is contagious. Compassionate and kind partners have faithfully come alongside Father Anton, helping advance the mission in every way.

Father Anton’s vision for education is unique and has produced great fruit in the lives of the thousands of children he has touched. Royal Kids have become the leaders and pillars of the communities in which they live, and the blessing and transformation are passed from generation to generation.


Father Anton remains involved with Royal Kids and the Father’s Heart Foundation, now with his daughter Amazing Grace Cruz as Co-Director. He resides in India and continues to travel as much as possible to spread the vision and mission of Royal Kids.

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Transformed children are integral to rebuilding families. 

Transformed families change communities. 

Transformed communities change society.

Royal Kids changes the trajectory of children’s lives beyond just meeting immediate needs. Transformation happens when we reach beyond the compassion we feel over suffering into envisioning and empowering each child to live to their fullest potential.

Compassionate and generous partners work with us in this mission through their faithful support. Together we work to eradicate the injustice and oppression of fatherlessness, neglect, exploitation, and lack of education for children. 

Our partners believe as we do: children deserve more than compassion—they deserve the opportunity and mentorship to succeed, lead boldly, and live fully.

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