Since 1996 more than 2000 children, once forced to work in situations of labor trafficking where they only received food instead of wages, have been rescued and benefited from our transit school in Andhra Pradesh.

Many children are vulnerable to labor and sexual exploitation because they come from impoverished families with only one parent, usually a mother who struggles to support their families. Thus these children go to bed hungry. Royal kids has started 6 different feeding programs in one region that feed more than 300 children on a daily basis. 

In Thangachimadam a dilapidated school was no longer meeting the minimum standards for occupancy set by the government and the school was scheduled to be closed. The implications of this closure meant that more than 1200 students in a poor fisherman’s village would no longer have access to education. Royal Kids stepped in and funded the improvements on the building and kept it from being shut down. Praise God these children still have a place to receive life-changing education. 

In Rameswaram, India we’ve started a rehabilitation center for individuals with physical disabilities. These challenges make work difficult and many are flooded with depression and despair. Our program supports 20 individuals who’ve been trained in handicrafts and are excelling in their new profession, able to provide for their families. 

Raised by a grandmother who had leprosy, Abhi Rahmi was brought to royal kids at the age of 4. Because of Father Anton’s love and the care she received from Royal Kids, she felt she was able to break the generational curse of rejection that leprosy brings and know the love of a father for the first time. Today she is a missionary in Northern India, a wife, and a mother.  

Kalpana is a girl whose mother was exploited through prostitution. Royal Kids started a hostel in her neighborhood where everyday children prayed, attended bible study, and received a quality education. Inspired by these children Kalpana’s mother wanted a better life for her daughter. With the support of the Royal Kids team and hard work she was able to leave a life of prostitution, begin working to sell flowers, and enroll Kalpana in the Royal Kids program; changing Kalpana’s future. 

In Silurgiri, West Bengal the covid-19 pandemic left many children orphaned, Royal Kids saw this crisis affecting many children in this community and opened a home to care for them. Today 30 children, aged 5 to 15 years old, live in this home and receive complete food, shelter, and education. 

A relative of a CHOP teacher came to us requesting prayer for her pregnancy after a virus was detected in the womb that could harm both the baby and the mother. Our team told her not to worry and the children began praying for her during their prayer time. At her most recent check-up, it was confirmed that the virus was gone! Because of this miracle, a Hindu family now believes in Jesus. 

KPK Nagar is an area riddled with crime, drug abuse, and prostitution. Many of the children are orphaned or from broken families. Since 2001 Brotherhood School, supported by Royal Kids, has seen thousands of children come through their nursery school, daycare center, and high school. These children have received quality education, meals, and loving care and have learned about Jesus. These schools continue to be a light in the community. 

Brotherhood School

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Transformed children are integral to rebuilding families. 

Transformed families change communities. 

Transformed communities change society.

Royal Kids changes the trajectory of children’s lives beyond just meeting immediate needs. Transformation happens when we reach beyond the compassion we feel over suffering into envisioning and empowering each child to live to their fullest potential.

Compassionate and generous partners work with us in this mission through their faithful support. Together we work to eradicate the injustice and oppression of fatherlessness, neglect, exploitation, and lack of education for children. 

Our partners believe as we do: children deserve more than compassion—they deserve the opportunity and mentorship to succeed, lead boldly, and live fully.

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