every child has a life of potential and can have a future of hope

We work toward a day when every child is treasured and free from the  oppression of exploitation, neglect, and lack of opportunity.

We see a day when every child can freely learn, safely love, and boldly lead.

the problem

Sick, neglected, or orphaned children are discarded by some societies.  These fatherless children live without identity, belonging, opportunity, or hope.  Generational suffering, poverty, and lack of education perpetuate injustice and hopelessness.


Fatherlessness can come through absence, abuse, neglect, or the physical lack of a father. This generation is experiencing fatherlessness at a rampant pace, affecting every aspect of a child’s life and future.

Street kids & orphans

A generation of children orphaned by absent or nonexistent fathers and mothers suffer cycles of abuse, neglect, and exploitation on the streets.

Lack of identity & opportunity

Children’s identities are rooted in their household name and their parents’ identity. Without this anchor, they exist without protection, vision for the future, and access to opportunity.

who we are

Royal Kids serves children and families whom society discards with a cradle-to-grave holistic education and care model for generational transformation.  Our 12 orphan care homes are in 12 countries, serving 10,000+ children annually.

We intentionally build leaders who build leaders by offering opportunity, education, provision, and a loving community. The Royal Kids model integrates the restoration of sick, neglected, or orphaned children with outreach and cares for their families.

Join our story

Together we work to eradicate the injustice and oppression of fatherlessness, neglect, exploitation, and lack of education for children.

the answer

Royal Kids rescues, stabilizes, and rehabilitates through a holistic transformational care model that includes medical care, shelter, food, education, trauma recovery, peer community, mentorship, spiritual guidance, and loving adult leadership. For many in our care, this extends from infancy through the successful completion of higher education master’s degree programs.

The Story of Father Anton and the Royal Kids School of Transformation

global reach

9,000+ children

a year graduate to their next school grade.

10,000+ children

holistically served, healed, and empowered annually.

1,000+ Royal Kids

put through college, with the top 10% entering specialized master’s degree programs.

15+ girls

rescued from brothels every month.

400+ children

housed every year





our mission

Royal Kids believes that community and generational transformation begins by bringing fathers and mothers alongside every child. Orphaned and fatherless children without a future are lifted out of their present suffering into a destiny of hope. Within every child, regardless of their circumstances, a shining star waits to rise and live a life of potential with a future of hope.