Community Awareness

Mindsets shift by raising awareness of the power of the generational long-term positive outcomes of keeping children in school rather than sending them to work.

Often families are so used to poverty that it is easier to have their children work and bring home money than to look at the long-term positive outcomes of education. Rescue initiatives fail, children drop out of school, and they return to working to bring money home to families.

Support and removing obstacles is imperative. At the beginning of each school year, children in the community receive backpacks filled with supplies, uniforms, and needed provisions for attending school.

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Transformed children are integral to rebuilding families. 

Transformed families change communities. 

Transformed communities change society.

Royal Kids changes the trajectory of children’s lives beyond just meeting immediate needs. Transformation happens when we reach beyond the compassion we feel over suffering into envisioning and empowering each child to live to their fullest potential.

Compassionate and generous partners work with us in this mission through their faithful support. Together we work to eradicate the injustice and oppression of fatherlessness, neglect, exploitation, and lack of education for children. 

Our partners believe as we do: children deserve more than compassion—they deserve the opportunity and mentorship to succeed, lead boldly, and live fully.

Ambassador Partners

Share the vision, ignite others to get involved, and be a champion of the Royal Kids!