Rescue and Rehabilitate

Outcast and abandoned children receive trauma-informed intervention and therapy. Our staff outreaches to children suffering injustice, torment, and abuse in their families and communities reach hundreds annually. 15+ girls aged 4 to 25 are rescued every month.  People suffering from leprosy receive medical care, provision, and, most importantly, human contact and love.

Rescue – Our equipped team works under risky and difficult situations to track, rescue, and bring children home.

Father’s House – homes are built where house moms and dads who understand trauma and crisis care for and rehabilitate children. Rescued children take as long as it is required to recover through a holistic approach.

Transit Schools – a school that focuses on transitioning children back into society and helping them catch up on what they’ve missed.

Family support – Even though we take the children of families who cannot feed their children, once we rescue their kids, families cannot support themselves since children used to earn for the family. We help families through essential rehabilitation and building a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Living support – Some children have families but must work to help feed their families, thus keeping them out of school. We support these children so they can study.

Rescue India
Founded,  1992
Children helped: 1500
Children in Transformation Center: 100

Meal a day
Founded, 1995
Centers:  5
Children fed: 360 per year
Children fed: 9000+ total

Global Reach:

Sri Lanka
Founded, 2005
Children supported: 40 per year 

Founded, 2019
Children supported fed: 150 homeless children living under bridges and sewage tunnels, 500 children in 15 orphanages fed, 10 children in a Royal Kids Children’s Home fully supported. 

Founded, 2017
Children supported and fed: 24 children receive living support, and 80 children from surrounding villages are fed daily.

Founded, 2019
Children fed: 200 children from the slums are fed daily at a community school supported by Royal Kids.

Founded, 2019
Children supported and fed: 120 children receive living support and a daily meal at a community school and children’s home supported by Royal Kids.

Founded, 2021
Children fed: 40 children from the slums are fed daily at a community school supported by Royal Kids.

Founded, 2022
Children supported and fed: 10 per year

Founded, 1999
Children and Senior Citizens fed: 300 daily

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Transformed children are integral to rebuilding families. 

Transformed families change communities. 

Transformed communities change society.

Royal Kids changes the trajectory of children’s lives beyond just meeting immediate needs. Transformation happens when we reach beyond the compassion we feel over suffering into envisioning and empowering each child to live to their fullest potential.

Compassionate and generous partners work with us in this mission through their faithful support. Together we work to eradicate the injustice and oppression of fatherlessness, neglect, exploitation, and lack of education for children. 

Our partners believe as we do: children deserve more than compassion—they deserve the opportunity and mentorship to succeed, lead boldly, and live fully.

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