Children’s Care Homes – Father’s Heart Program

Royal Kids Homes care for abundant abused children, breaking cycles of fatherlessness and restoring them within a holistic environment.

Royal Kids care homes are communal living spaces where orphaned children are raised holistically. Faithful staff provides physical care, faith values, character building, and family. We teach and talk about identity because much of our work involves helping healing children understand their identity through faith and character building. We do this knowing community transformation happens through children.

Children’s Homes and Rescue Programs

400+ children live in Royal Kids homes annually. Most will live with Royal Kids anywhere between 8 and 15 years. Some children came when they were as young as 4, and have now graduated, learned a trade, married, and have families.

The first children’s home was started in 1992 with seven children. We are currently supporting 400+ children who are children of lepers, gypsies, beggars, prostitutes, and tsunami-affected people. To date, 2,000+ children have lived in our twelve homes in India, Myanmar, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brazil, Haiti, Taiwan, South Africa, Egypt, Angola .

In 1996, the Royal Kids Rescue Program found and rescued the first children from forced child labor and prostitution. To date, 500+ children have been rescued and placed in our four Care Homes focused on healing, stabilizing, and empowering these special children.

Global Reach

Sri Lanka Children’s Home
Founded, 2005
Children cared for: 40 per year 

Indonesia Children’s Home:
Founded, 2019
Children fed and cared for: 510 per year

Cambodia Children’s Home
Founded, 2017
Children cared for: 24 per year 

Mozambique Children’s Home
Founded, 2019
Children cared for: 120 per year 

Myanmar Children’s Home
Founded, 2022
Children cared for: 10 per year 

India Children’s Homes
Founded, 1992
Children cared for: 400+ per year

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Transformed children are integral to rebuilding families. 

Transformed families change communities. 

Transformed communities change society.

Royal Kids changes the trajectory of children’s lives beyond just meeting immediate needs. Transformation happens when we reach beyond the compassion we feel over suffering into envisioning and empowering each child to live to their fullest potential.

Compassionate and generous partners work with us in this mission through their faithful support. Together we work to eradicate the injustice and oppression of fatherlessness, neglect, exploitation, and lack of education for children. 

Our partners believe as we do: children deserve more than compassion—they deserve the opportunity and mentorship to succeed, lead boldly, and live fully.

Ambassador Partners

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